Recycled Silver and Gold


From ancient times, silver and gold have been highly regarded and widely used precious metals in jewelry. That's why our journey towards circularity begins here. In our commitment to sustainability, our plan is to craft all of our jewelry using only recycled silver and gold by 2030.


We’re shifting our manufacturing to recycled silver and gold because it will reduce water usage, CO2 emissions, and other social and environmental impacts, since recycled metals require fewer resources than mining new metals and reduces the need for dangerous mining practices. In doing so, Deltora can save 20,250 tCO2e a year. This is equivalent to more than the annual electricity use of 3,000 homes or driving 108.75 million kilometers in a car.

Deltora is working with our supplier network to increase the overall availability of recycled silver and gold.



We don't wait around for solutions to protect the planet, we create them.


We craft all of our jewelry with respect for people and the planet.


We invest invest in high-quality, ethically sourced materials to move the world forward.